Strategic Communications

Vision and mission communication; online presence

Effective organizations need an effective vision. That vision must be approachable and well-presented. My aim is to help achieve this goal succinctly and successfully.  I will assist you to develop your collective message and translate that vision to the public. I will provide a web content audit, and review organization, structural and editorial changes with you such that the content supports and does not detract from both your vision and style.

Editorial Content Production & Editing

Production and editing of profiles, reports and research

I help individuals and organizations communicate their work to targeted or general audiences. I translate personal stories into writing. I know how to ask the right questions to harness bold perspectives and coax daunting details. Any story can have traction when addressed and perused with sensitivity. I also provide editorial assistance including technical reviews, and contract writing projects.

Audio Production

Production of audio documentaries

Capturing the voices and sounds of a story will bring transformative depth to communication. Audio portraits and stories can provide a unique avenue to share information. They transport listeners into the experience of your project site or interest area. They can reach a broader audience than film and print, they can bolster grant applications and they convey events, experiences and interests through a specific lens in which the subject, producer and the listener can participate.